Sir John Soane’s Museum




“The Picture Room on Aug 9, 1825, watercolour by J M Gandy” from Sir John Soane’s Museum A Complete Description (2014), page 22.


Sir John Soane’s Museum

London, England | Sir John Soane | 1837

The Sir John Soane’s Museum is a beautiful experiment between objects and architecture. As Soane expanded his home at Lincoln Fields Inn, new rooms were designed specifically to display his extensive collection of art and artifacts. Every surface was carefully considered for the objects.

The Picture Room (1824), in particular, showcases Soane’s talents as both a collector and an architect. On the south elevation, the room has four movable picture planes filled with paintings on both sides. When the panels are fully opened, the Picture Room overlooks a small recess of objects as part of the Monk’s Parlour. The section above shows this unique spatial relationship.

While photographs were not permitted in the museum, I had the opportunity to see original architectural drawings from the 1800s at the Soane Archive Library. Many of the interior elevations depict specific paintings and artifacts to be displayed, all detailed in watercolor. Soane’s interiors were often rendered by J M Gandy in amazing watercolor.

Visited: February 3 and 22, 2018


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