Interior Photograph of Storage Rooms by Jonas Kuhn, Zürich



Basel, Switzerland | Herzog & de Meuron | 2003

At 16,500 square meters, Schaulager dedicates almost half of its area to accessible storage. While typical museums store their art in basements or in off-site warehouses, Schaulager functions as an accessible warehouse where storage rooms provide greater public access to the collection that is distinct from typical exhibitions.

The ground floor and lower level accommodates typical museum support amenities, public exhibitions, and an auditorium. In the bookshop, the loading dock is revealed through floor to ceiling glass panels. On the upper three floors, the storage rooms are environmentally controlled and can be reconfigured to different sizes within the building’s structural grid. There are no storage racks, display cases or shelves inside these rooms. Rather, artwork is displayed just like they would be in a gallery but with much less space in between. 

Visited: March 20, 2018

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