Sammlung Boros






Sammlung Boros

Berlin, Germany | Bunker by Karl Bonatz, Conversion by Realarchitektur / Jens Casper, Petra Petersson, Andrew Strickland | 1942, 2007

Christian and Karen Boros purchased a Nazi-era bunker and converted it to a private contemporary art museum and residence. Originally designed by Karl Bonatz during World War II, the Friedrichstrasse Imperial Railway Bunker functioned as a 3,000 person capacity air raid shelter. Over the second half of the 20th century, the bunker served as a prison, warehouse for tropical fruits, and a famous techno and fetish club in the early nineties.

In 2007, Realarchitektur completed the bunker conversion into a 3,000 square meter museum by excavating 750 cubic meters of concrete. By maintaining the 180 centimeter thick concrete exterior walls, the architects deconstructed the interior’s existing 120 uniform rooms to create a variety of gallery spaces, keeping as many remnants of the existing building as possible. The museum changes its exhibition every four years and only stores a small portion of it on-site – approximately 80% of the pieces are constantly on loan.

Visited: April 8, 2018

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