Niterói Contemporary Art Museum







Niterói Contemporary Art Museum

Niterói, Brazil | Oscar Niemeyer | 1996

The MAC operates as an architectural icon along Niteroi’s southern cliffside. The bare, public plaza and sculptural pathway become important placemaking devices as the museum sits on the edge of the site. Like other formally driven museums, such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim in New York City or Frank Gehry’s version in Bilbao, the MAC’s monumental form overshadows the art exhibited inside.

The concrete ramp leads to the initial museum amenities (ticketing, cloak room, and restrooms) which have unusually low ceiling heights for a public building. On the upper level, the main circular gallery has partition walls that form a hexagon in plan, preferencing larger artworks in the middle and smaller pieces to face the panoramic windows. These partition walls do not connect at the ends and allow for circulation slippage between the center and the perimeter.

Visited: January 6, 2018

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