The Green Strip at the New Archives


View from Carsten Niebuhrs Gade



The park sits eight meters above street level.


View of New Archives and existing office building



The Green Strip at the New National Archives

Copenhagen, Denmark | PLH Arkitekter | 2009

Located near the Copenhagen Harbour, the New National Archives comprise of two windowless rectangular storage depots, adorned with a relief geometric brick facade pattern. The two depots form a generous, 7000 square meter elevated park with the adjacent, existing office building. As part of the first phase of the larger, 900 meter long elevated promenade project, The Green Strip cultivates biodiversity, collects rainwater, and provides a retreat from the city.

Given the city’s green roof initiative, the Green Strip capitalizes on the in-between space and makes the non-publicly accessible buildings a backdrop for nature. The project, however, would benefit from more transverse visual and physical connections.

Visited: May 7, 2018

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