Museum of Natural History East Wing






Museum of Natural History East Wing

Berlin, Germany | August Tiede for Original Building, Diener & Diener for East Wing Expansion and Renovation | 1889, 2010

In World War II, the East Wing of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin was heavily bombed and remained a ruin until the early 21st century. In 2010, Diener & Diener performed a thoughtful restoration of the East Wing with its new concrete facade that imprints the brickwork of the original facade. The facade intervention appears subtle and reminiscent of some of Rachel Whiteread’s building casts.

Inside, the East Wing houses the institution’s wet collection within a 18 meter tall glass vitrine that spans multiple floors. On the ground floor, the public can circulate around the glass vitrine and see over 1 million animal specimens contained in 233,000 alcohol filled glass jars. Staff and researchers have access to the inner vitrine on the ground floor and the upper two levels.

Visited: April 17, 2018

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