Moderna Museet’s Pontus Hultén Study Gallery







Moderna Museet’s Pontus Hultén Study Gallery

Stockholm, Sweden | Renzo Piano | 2008

The Pontus Hultén Study Gallery, designed by Renzo Piano, is a triple height research room within the Moderna Museet by Rafael Moneo. As the museum’s first director, Pontus Hultén donated his private collection of 700 works to the institution in 2005 on the condition that it can be publicly accessible.

To accommodate this request, the Study Gallery features a mechanically driven, high-density art storage rack that can be accessed for research and exhibitions on two floors. The panels, when extracted, dramatically change the space and circulation flow. The Study Gallery also has a variety of sized spaces to hold talks, screenings and exhibitions.

While other depositories rely primarily on robotic retrieval of goods, can a machine operate at a larger scale and still be publicly accessible?

Visited: May 15, 2018

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