Kelvin Hall


Sampling of Kelvin Hall Art Collection



The corridor provides glimpses into the stored art



View from Public Corridor



View into Preservation Room



View of Multipurpose Sports Hall from Second Floor



Gymnastics Hall



Building Organization


Kelvin Hall

Glasgow, Scotland | Page \ Park Architects | 1927 (Original Building), 2016

Kelvin Hall is a recently refurbished building that brings together art storage and conservation with state-of-the-art sports facilities. The new facility uses a long corridor to connect various sport halls and provide glimpses into the archives where 400,000 objects are stored and managed by the Glasgow Museums, the University of Glasgow, and the National Library of Scotland. While the archives are open to the public by appointment only, visitors can experience the collection in a variety of ways along the corridor with large glass windows into the archives and conservation rooms, a double height gallery space, and with interactive multimedia screens.

The programmatic combination seems odd at first: art and sports? While Kelvin Hall attracts a more diverse audience to this community center, the main architectural moment of the public corridor falls short with its hospital like interior. It relies heavily on exhibition graphics and multimedia displays over architectural articulation.

Visited: February 16, 2018

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