Glasgow Museums Resource Centre


Exterior of GMRC’s Phase 2 with signage visible from Nitshill train station



Art and Painting Pod



Paintings organized by region or theme and size



Detail of painting racks



Natural History Pod



World Cultures Pod



In-progress photography for upcoming Mackintosh exhibit



Arms and Armour Pod



Transportation Pod and Workshop



School children visiting the Arms and Armour Pod


Glasgow Museums Resource Centre

Nitshill, Glasgow, Scotland | 2003 (Phase 1), 2009 (Phase 2)

The Glasgow Museums Resource Centre (GMRC) is a purpose-built and publicly accessible museum storage facility that houses about 1.4 million objects. This facility stores the other 98% of objects that are not on display within the participating eleven institutions in Glasgow.

The facility is comprised of 17 thermally controlled storage pods, conservation and production rooms, classrooms, offices/library and a research centre. Each pod houses a specific type of object that provides the ideal temperature and humidity environment; for example, textiles or paper require different thermal requirements compared paintings. A typical pod has a small clear space at the entrance/loading zone for introductions and activities, and showcases highlights from the collection.

GMRC operates by appointment only guided tours, which can follow thematic routes or specific research inquiries. They host toddler events and primary school excursions that are highly interactive, and even have small museum boxes that can be rented out by the public.

I had an amazing tour of the GMRC. Every pod was exciting. It was incredible to see all of the objects compressed together in one place. Along the tour, we ran into conservationists at work, photographers preparing for upcoming exhibition catalogs, and staff preparing pieces for shipment or unpacking pieces for storage – it felt like an active workshop. It was a fantastic experience.

Visited: February 15, 2018

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